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Slow Motion Originals – Vol 1

Welcome to our new blog series, Slow Motion Originals.

Slow motion video is such an amazing, unique medium to capture moments that would be missed if they were filmed at their regular speed – and we’re all about celebrating that fact.  As well as our normal work here at SSMC, we’re going to be showcasing different creations that spark something in us.

For our first Originals post, we’re sharing the latest OK Go music video.  Love them or not, there’s no denying the creativity of OK Go’s videos.  This one is a meticulously crafted slow motion production.  Here it is:

Make sure to also check out the behind the scenes video too:

I Do Sodo 2017

I Do Sodo is Seattle’s newest wedding show, highlighting some of the top vendors at the best venues of the historic Sodo neighborhood.

We here at SSMC were fortunate to be a part of the show for this year, and as you can see it was a pretty great time!  We were thrilled to be a part of something so beautiful.

Thanks to the brides and planners who came and participated in the booth!


Bailey and Pete: G2GNYE2015


What better way to spend New Years Eve then celebrating Bailey and Pete’s wedding? The new year rang in a new start on an epic journey for the lovely couple and team SSMC was there to capture all the slow motion fun.

If you were one of the lovely guests who got to be a part of the party too you can find your Instagram clips here.

Dropbox: (download insta-clips)

Google Drive: (download insta-clips)

Much love,

Seattle Slow Motion Company


Facebook Seattle Party

We here at Seattle Slow Motion Company were absolutely thrilled to be a part of the annual party for the Seattle Facebook Office. The epic night at EMP Museum included the Seattle Rock Orchestra, THEESatisfaction, Pickwick, DJ Sean Horton, DJ Ricki Leigh, VJ Austin Beaver, Karaoke with Baby Van Beezly, and alllllll sorts of fun things!


If you were one of the lucky souls to have attended the event and party in our booth you can find you downloadable Instagram clips here.

Dropbox: Download

Google Drive: Download

Urban Unveiled

We were so happy to join Seattle Bride and all the amazing Seattle vendors for this year’s Urban Unveiled. The wedding show/celebration/cocktail party was so much fun and just flew by. Luckily we were there to slow things down. See our slow motion video bellow.


If you were in attendance and were able to visit our booth you can download your instagram ready slow motion clips here:







Makayla & Johnny Hekker

We were thrilled to be a part of Makayla & Johnny ‘s special day. The #Hekkerwedding party went fast but we kept things slow:

For those fun and awesome people who were at the event, you can download your individual Instagram clips here:

Dropbox. Or if you aren’t Dropbox savvy just drop us a line and we can email it to you directly.


Much love,



Apptio Black and White Party

Live from the Bellvue Hyatt: We are having an amazing evening with the Apptio crew at their Black and White party. So many smart and good looking people here tonight. As always we’ll be posting live Instagram clips throughout the event. If you are here too you can download your clips from our Seattle Slow Motion Dropbox or Google Drive folders.

Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-21 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-19 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-18 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-17 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-16 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-15 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-14 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-13 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-12 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-11 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-10 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-9 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-8 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-5 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-6 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-4 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-3 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-2 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-1 Apptio_SeattleSlowMotion-20


Download Instagram clips here: Dropbox or Google Drive folders.



We were Uber excited to be a part of team Uber’s Seattle festivities and they showed us a great time! They definitely get a 5 Start rating. See one of the fastest growing companies slow things down here:

And if you are of of the beautiful people in this video you can download your individual Instagram clips here:

Download Instagram Clips from: Dropbox

Download Instagram Clips from: Google Drive

Aaaaaaaand photo time:

Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-18 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-17 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-16 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-15 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-14 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-13 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-12 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-11 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-10 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-9 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-8 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-7 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-6 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-5 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-4 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-3 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-2 Uber_Seattle Slow Motion Company-1

As a reminder:

Download Instagram Clips from: Dropbox

Download Instagram Clips from: Google Drive




SMITH people getting down in slow motion.

We had the pleasure of partying with SMITH, one of Seattle’s finest digital agencies. Spoiler alert: they know how to get down!

Watch all the slow motion booth goodness from their end of year company party:

Download your individual clips for Instagram –

Instragram clips on Dropbox

Instragram clips on Google Drive





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